Manchester – 15th September 2020

Pulse is a SaaS product that promises to improve online customer experience, empower staff, reduce costs and drive turnover as more customers head online and staff continue to work from home

With ecommerce sales in Europe up nearly 20% from pre-pandemic levels and customer behaviour continuing to move online, digital customer experience experts, Lokulus, has today announced the launch of Pulse - an efficient, artificial intelligence (AI) email solution created to support small to medium businesses and their teams control and amplify their digital customer experience as they keep pace with increasing demands.

After almost two decades working with some of the world’s biggest consumer brands, Lokulus has created Pulse to transform the way businesses interact with its customers; using automated technology to drive profitability and customer satisfaction by managing email communications and enhancing the online customer journey.

In the wake of CV-19, UK retailers have seen a 129% rise in online queries month on month. With online teams working from home and enquiries growing at an unprecedented rate, they need technology to support the digital experience and importantly, their customer service teams.

Automating the customer journey, Pulse uses AI technology to manage email workflows, signpost queries, send automated responses, categorise and flag emails with relevant team members. This results in more customers being responded to relevantly in less time, therefore providing an exemplary customer experience for customers, driving loyalty and sales, and creating a better working environment and job satisfaction for employees.

As agents continue to work from home, Pulse provides a real time safety net for problematic queries where an agent can accelerate a query to a superior staff member to support their actions or relieve them of the issue quickly and effectively. Audit trails of interactions between agent and customer are recorded automatically enabling a historical record of the query.  This not only ensures a cohesive and controlled environment for teams working remotely, it enables new team members to join the business and train on the job despite working from their home.

Lokulus, CFO and COO, Alister Harris explained; “Lokulus has almost 20 years experience of providing high quality customer interaction experiences for large scale organisations. Over the past year we have used this experience to create Pulse, a pre-configured solution that can be tailored to enable retailers to move into their next phase of trading.

“We are looking forward to working with growing businesses who want their brand to be known for customer service excellence and know the key to this is supporting and empowering their teams by providing solutions that enhance the online experience, create brand loyalty and ultimately drive sales. With teams working remotely and a rise in customer expectations, empowering agents and satisfying customers has never been more important.”

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